Sunday, August 1, 2010

Audy is soo much like me!

Ok so as we were at the gas station tonight Audrey asks to get out and wash the windows. Me'Me let her do this while she and Amelie were on their parent free trip to visit Me'Me, Paba, and Aunt Leah.  So after a few minutes of back and forth abut the fact that it's raining and the windows don't really need cleaned. I say let's do it.  After we get out a young woman pulls up next to us and goes inside to prepay.  I notice she has a really cool turtle stuffed animal on her dash, so I point it out to Audrey.  She thinks its super cute so I tell her when the girl comes back she can tell her she likes it.  Audy goes and tells her as she is starting to pump.  She sets the pump to automatic and tells Audy she'll show it to her.  She comes around the car and gets it out.  It really was the cutest thing. We chat a bit. I notice she from her shirt that works at one of our favorite local pizza place.  I tell her it was one of the first places we ate when we moved here.  She hands it to Audy and I think I hear her say that Audy can have it.  Audy gives it a hug and smiles all cute.  I tell her to put it on our dash in the same same spot.  The girl's like  "No, I meant she can hold him".  We all start laughing as Audy hands him back.  No upset. We all just giggle at the confusion. I apoligize about the confusion several times.    We chat a bit more.  Then we both head our separate ways with the final note that we will visit the restaurant to see her and have some great food.  I giggled and smilled the whole way home.

All this happened about 20 minutes after the speakers in the van shorted out.  With a loud pop and a puff of stinky smoke as I drove over a bump. So we no longer have music or NPR in the van.  Sad Mom. Sad Kids.  But we'll make it work.  Lots of singing songs and storytelling.  Hey this may just be a good thing in disguise.

I was pulled out of what could have been a very bad mood by making a new friend in the gas station with my daughter.  Who just like me seems to be able to make friends everywhere we go.  Even places you would never expect.  Audrey rocks!!

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