Friday, October 24, 2008

Red and Aqua Swap

So I did my first swap. And today my box arrived. I wasn't here when they tried to deliver it so I had to pick it up. They would have redelivered it tomorrow but who can wait for a package. I was so excited I opened it in the parking lot.


This is my new do. I love it!!!!! I feel really spunky.

Amelie decided Sunday evening that she needed a haircut. She did it herself. Luckily we were already going to Whittney's Manday for my haircut. So She trimed Amelies up to so the hackjob wasn't as obvious. Its as cute as it can be considering.


All this was only $35 today at the thrift store. Including the "train table it's all sitting on that was only $10. In that mess of fabric is a dress, a green skirt and a pair of chocolate brown pants. A bunch of books for the kiddies. Four books for me. A little people minivan. A trash can for my office/sewing room. And a pair of pink Emu brand boots to keep my tootsies warm and cozy this winter.
I just couldn't resist this adorable needlepoint. Its actually a Flavia, It's too cute.


A good stuff day. Awesome deals at the thrift store. My Red ans Aqua Swap package in the mail. could it get any better. I'll post more about this later. I gotta go be my to my babies. They need me more.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was going to post about how messy my house is with pictures and everything. BUT the pictures won't upload maybe I should just go clean it up. I wanted to post before and after pics. I'll have to try later. Sorry folks you don't get to see my mes now. Check back later for the carnage.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hallowe'en at the Sprightly household

I have been inspired to post about Hallowe'en by Apron Thrift Girl.

So I have been asking the girls what they want to be for Hallowe'en. Over time I have gotten several answers from Audy princess, pumpkin, and several times now ghost. I told her she stays with ghost and she seems ok with that. I have some white suit lining that I used in the decorations at our wedding so now I have a use for it. There will be a small amount of sewing to hem the fabric and keep the eyeholes from fraying. Soooo simple.

But Amelie. Amelie wants to be me. Yes my daughter wants to be her mother for Hallowe'en. I am excited so easy put her in a grown up looking outfit and through on her doll sling and a dolly. Add a few cloth grocery bags with play food in them and there you have it free Hallowe'en costume.

I guesss I should check with the Paula and see if a ghost would freak out her kiddos. Since we are going to their house to trick or treat and hang out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A fall day at the beach

I took the girls to the beach last Monday. Oh It was beautiful. It started out as a way to clam Amelie down while we had to wait for Audy to get out of school. She was having a big fit and Audy's school isn't far from the water(the Chesapeake Bay). So we went for a little walk. Well neither one of us wanted to leave but we had to pick Audy up. So we decided that we would get Audy and some food and head back to the beach.

And that is just what we did. I had capressa salad. The girls had string cheese and rice cakes. The big girls splashed along the waters edge and played in the sand. We collected lots of rocks and shells and a piece of drift wood. Cassidy nursed and then took a snooze on the blanket. I just sat and enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me.

We had the beach to ourselves for the most part. No one stayed for nearly as long as we did. Several folks walking their dogs. Two ladies one of whom was getting ready to board a flight to Chiago and wanted to put her feet in the ocean before venuring back to the Windy City.

It was one of the moments you really want to last forever. And share with the ones you love most. (Yeah Dave that means you. We miss our Daddy! Stay safe honey! We love you!!!!)


MY DAUGHTER CAN RECOGNIZE WORDS!!!!!! My daughter who has never really shown much interest in words or reading. As a baby would crawl away when I tried to read to her. This wonder I call Audrey just recognized the word GRANDMA. I had the cabinet open in the kitchen while I was making my menu and shopping list for my payday shopping trip Wed. Audy looks in the cabinet and then starts talking some nonsense about GRANDMA'S. I then realized as i looked back in the cabinet that she was looking at the jar of Tastes Grandma's Peach Jam.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I know she is four so this isn't too out of the realm of normal but with her former lack of interest in words it is so exciting to me. We now have something new to talk about. Wow the growing she has done since starting preschool. I wonder what will happen with my future homeschooling plans.

Amelie is making me want to pull my hair out her two is so different than Audy's two. She is having lots of tantrums and aggressive behavior. Luckily she did better today at the park than she has been at other things recently.

We are all growing and learning around here recently. I have been learning alot about myself the last few weeks. For one thing I am tough as nails. I can pull my self from the edge of a cliff. Not alone I have to reach out and up. But I can come through a storm. And be better on the otherside.


I am back to my normal cheery self with the few random moments of glum, snarky, or other emotion thrown in. But I would no longer conisder myself depressed.

And I thought I'd share this random picture Audy took of the fridge.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


That's how I have felt for the last few days. I am not getting anything done. My house is gross. Not just messy I can live with messy. It's gross. I keep trying to get the energy and motivation to do the work that needs done. But it doesn't last long and there is always another mess that needs cleaned up when I am done. Can someone please tell my children not to touch anything in our home ever again. They can sit on the couch that's it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


My girls will sleep anywhere.
In any mess.
In any position.

Things from life

Shaving cream painting in the shower.

Let's play drums with Minnie.

The other evening we had tea at bedtime.

This is what I wake up to in the morning. I swear she doesn't sleep with that much stuff in her bed.

A yummy homemade dinner I made the other night.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I just have to say I have the best friends. Friends who I can call and ask disgusting medical type questions of. Friends who will put up with me calling them just because I am lonely. Friends who bring me pumpkin bread and transfer my birth video. Friends who will let my family live with them when we have nowhere else to go. Friends who know me and love me warts and all. Friends who will drive my placenta half way across country.

What would life be without good friends?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crisis!!! Averted!

Potential finical crisis averted. At least somewhat at my house. Thank God for a mother who taught me how to think quick in a crisis.