Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ummm... ADDICTED!!!!!!

Hello my name is Amy and I am addicted to Twilight!

Yes I can truthfully say that now seeing as I Have spent the last few days in a daze. It is not really even funny anymore. I have devoured Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards POV). There are only like 11 chapters that she posted on her website. And now I am in love with Edward. Dave I hope you get home soon. I may need to be sent to the nut house when you get back if I don't get this under control soon. I feel a little wacky but I am slowly coming down. Must keep breathing. Keep mental focus an real life not creepy vampire fantasy world. Ok I will be fine. Over and out!

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ChurchPunkMom said...

Better today?

Please.. tell me you did not dream about Edward..