Friday, May 22, 2009

Life just keeps moving on

So day to day life has a tendency of overwhelming me. I easily get bogged down in the mundane, distracted by pointless, obsessed with the inconsequential. It must be my ADHD. I flit from thought to thought. Then I find one that sticks and it just won't let go till it has run its course.

That is what has been happening. I have all these things I have been doing, seeing, watching, enjoying that I have been wanting to share here. But I have been so wrapped up in the doing that I haven't gotten to the actual blogging of the events. I am sure that part of it has to do with the recent changes in my free time. With Dave being home I am much less drawn to the computer. He was gone so long I want to enjoy as much time with him now as I can. As I type he is sitting behind me playing guitar. Yeah he really is that sexy.

So a quick update of the things that I have been up to since my studdly guitar playing sailor arrived home.

-A few days before he got back my lovely mother in love, came to suprise Dave. She stayed a few days after he got back and we all had a really good time bonding. It was beautiful.

- We had a nice two weeks of getting reaquantied as a family. Parks, libary visits, the usual things. We spent a signifacant amount off money. We bought a new tv, Blueray DVD player, and a Wii. Along with several other sundry items.

-Then we left to spend Dave's two weeks of leave visiting his family. We drove to Pittsburgh stayed overnight, then headed to Ann Arbor for the bulk of the trip and the back to Pittsburgh for a day to visit more and go to the zoo.

-When we got back I was ready to dive head first into a big room switching adventure. Which is still not fully completed. But I am getting there.

So the plan is to be blogging out all this awesome stuff over the next few weeks as well as staying on top of all the great joys of late spring. Summer is coming quick. I am not sure I am really ready for it to be here yet.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. There are lots of awesome pictures I just don't know whats up with the laptop the picture files are set up diffrently than they are on my computer. So there will be pictures on the posts to come dont you worry your pertty little head about that.


Dave said...

It's because Vista doesn't show thumbnail previews. I may be able to change that in the settings, though.

Liz said...

Glad to hear you did so many fun things! The older I get, the more I'm thinking I have ADD. I've started to feel that blogging is a way of keeping myself focused. If I didnt blog, I'd have a closet full of half done projects, and totally forget that they were even there! :)