Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Already another birthday

It's shocking to me how quickly time flies. June and July are big birthday months in my house. June 24th is sweet baby Cassidy who is now the big 1. July 13th is mine. it was 26 this year and man am I feeling the years now.

But today we celebrate Amelie. My rambunctious, spunky, joyful, emotional, lovely, crazy little girl. Born in the midst of much chaos she can still bring me the feelings of peace and joy or of stress and headache that where at the center of her entrance to the world.

She taught me to trust in my body and in all that I was created for. She has been key in my learning to trust myself, in my personal growth, in my growing collection of gray hairs. I would never change a thing about her. Her obsession with cutting her hair, her sweet smile, her beautiful hazel eyes that perfectly match her Daddy's, her whiny squeal, the just so way that she says things.

I love her so much even when she is pulling things off the shelves and making messes. Or pouring sprinkles in a bowl at someone elses house and trying to suck them through a straw.


Patricia said...

funny about the sprinkles! ;)

ChurchPunkMom said...

eeee!! she's so BIG.

Dave said...

I just love how she says "I..DON'T...KNOOOOOOW!"