Monday, October 13, 2008


MY DAUGHTER CAN RECOGNIZE WORDS!!!!!! My daughter who has never really shown much interest in words or reading. As a baby would crawl away when I tried to read to her. This wonder I call Audrey just recognized the word GRANDMA. I had the cabinet open in the kitchen while I was making my menu and shopping list for my payday shopping trip Wed. Audy looks in the cabinet and then starts talking some nonsense about GRANDMA'S. I then realized as i looked back in the cabinet that she was looking at the jar of Tastes Grandma's Peach Jam.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I know she is four so this isn't too out of the realm of normal but with her former lack of interest in words it is so exciting to me. We now have something new to talk about. Wow the growing she has done since starting preschool. I wonder what will happen with my future homeschooling plans.

Amelie is making me want to pull my hair out her two is so different than Audy's two. She is having lots of tantrums and aggressive behavior. Luckily she did better today at the park than she has been at other things recently.

We are all growing and learning around here recently. I have been learning alot about myself the last few weeks. For one thing I am tough as nails. I can pull my self from the edge of a cliff. Not alone I have to reach out and up. But I can come through a storm. And be better on the otherside.


Whittney said...
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Whittney said...

I am so glad you know that your strong ( I already did!)!!!

Know that "two" doesn't last forever- you will survive ( and maybe she will too :)) Jakes was hard, but Elias is a breeze( well almost- he has his days)

I am very proud of Audy. She was just wating till she felt like it- which seems to fit her very well!!