Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear god i am freezing

Ok so It's 10:30 and I am sitting at my computer with a sleeping two year old in my lap, toes getting really cold. Ihave been getting colder and colder all evening. Suddenly I realize that someone must have turned down the heat. I head to the front room to check the theremostat. It's 64* in my house. I know for some people thats were they might normally keep it. I am not that woman I need warmth in the winter. I usually keep it between 68 and 70. But ANyway back to the story.

So I go check and it 64* AND the heat is turned OFF!!!!!!!

Who did this they need to be shot. It's cold outside you don't turn off the heat when its cold. Thats just craziness.

Well its fixed now. On and set at 69*.

There are going to be two little children gettting tickled till they cry in the morning for this craziness. My feet feel like ice cubes.


Patricia said...

oh honey, keep your sweater on at my place. ;) I've relented and turned the heat up to 62*

ChurchPunkMom said...

lol.. we keep it purdy chilly here too.. but when you visit, we'll put you in the attic. not only is it toasty, but it has its own heating unit, you'll be set. (just bring slippers and a blanket for hanging out in the living room, lol)

you has toe-cicles. hee hee

oh, and my word verification? exazat