Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why does a church need a fog machine?

Ok so i went to an church we used to go to. I felt really uncomfortable. I used to love the vibe and feeling of the music, but man has it changed. Crazy stage lights, huge screens, fog machines blowing fog juice all over the stage, a guy running around the stage with a camera to to flash fancy shots of the musicans on the side screens. It was way to much for me. I would prefer a few people with acoustic guitars and diffrent hand drums. I don't know I find that all the cool stuff puts my focus on the cool stuff and not on being in a group of people WORSHIPING the GOD of CREATION!!!!!! The sign on the way into the parking lot said "Are you ready for an unforgettable experince" Well I had one but I don't think it was the kind they were intending. I used to love this church but as they have grown so much they have changed soooooo much.

Now the people are still just as awesome as they used to be and the church is doing tons of awesome stuff in the community but I have a hard time with the feel and vibe of the place now. It seemed to be all about apperences. Maybe its me?


em and pete said...

I totally understand what you mean...but then again, some people think we have a performance going on at TAB. For me, I think it comes down to the fact that I know our worship leader at church and his heart for worship. I'm sure the worship leader at the church you visited also has a heart for worship...but it sure is hard sometimes to worship when we're distracted by what we think shouldn't be there.

btw...I am just finishing a cup of your hot chocolate...YUMMY. I have to get the recipe from you cuz we're almost out.

Hope you're having fun. I'm looking forward to hanging out when you get home.

ChurchPunkMom said...

fog machines?.... for REAL???


word verification? 'ackst' yeah.. i'd say.

Liz said...

I can identify with this. I went to a church once that had special pink lights that came on everytime someone played, a piano magically cueing up in the background, choir humming. Every single prayer. A bit much for me. Not wrong, just not for me. But then again, I'm just really old and stodgy these days. :)

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