Monday, September 15, 2008

A Bit of Reretail Therapy

David shipped out Friday. So to keep my mind off of the fact that he is going to be gone till April, after dropping Audrey off at school, the two little sprites and I headed to my favorite thrift store.

We got some good bargains all that you see here was only $25.

In the back there is a wooden folding laundry drying rack. I few yards a a cute yellow fabric with little flowers (it's vintage!).

I love these two pillowcases. They are hand stitched and I love them sooo much. They totally match my quilt. Which was also a thrift store find a few months ago. Once I get my room together I will post pics.

I fell in love with this little guy. He is my stand in for Dave while he is gone. Isn't just to cute?

I love this bread box. I probably will use it to hide stuff out of site in my tiny kitchen. Not for bread but who cares. It's so cute.

I really like this set of four wooden bowls. I think we will probably use them for snacks and popcorn in front of a movie.

That's a better shot of the fabric in the back.

I was excited to find a few books for the girls as well. And the basket you see peeking out of the top right corner. I love this place.

After our shopping adventure we headed to the library to hang out until Audrey was done at school. It was a fun morning.


ChurchPunkMom said...

oooh.. jealous of your thrifting!!

i love your little bald man, too cute indeed!

Dave said...

Heh, the bald guy is funny. I like the name of the blog, by the way.

Patricia said...

my favorite find is The Little Red Lighthouse, but you already knew that ;)