Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keeping Busy

Since David left I am trying to keep busy. And doing pretty good at it. We have plenty of time at home. Which I know the girls and I need. But most days we have something to look forward to. I think Fridays are going to be thrift store day while Audy is at school. The little ones and I can do better out than all four of us. Audy just doesn't do well in stores. This week while Audy was at school we went grocery shopping, to the dmv twice in one day(I forgot a paper at home), and to pass and id at the base to get stickers and the NEX to get headphones for Daddy.

Daddy needed headphones because I found the ipod that we thought we lost like EIGHT MONTHS AGO!!!!!! It was stuck in the chair in our bedroom. WTH?

I have also been working on projects around the house. The next is to change my desk/sewing area. I hope to have that done by Thursday.


Dana said...

I've read all of your posts and it sounds like a stressful time for your family right now.

At least you found that pesky iPod. ;)

Dana said...

Wow you are too sweet. I'm gonna have to bookmark you and come back here often.