Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I would like to pose a question to my rather small group of readers.

Am I the only person who will chose to do some rather unimportant piece of housework, (like say organizing the silverware drawer) while there are real messes that need to be cleaned all around you?

Well that's what I have been doing all day the dining room and the girls room are a mess. Yet I have been in my room doing silly stuff. Like sorting through a box of random old notes and other sentimental stuff. I did throw out a bunch of stuff and make the corner look neat. But there is still a sink full of dishes that need washed. And there ain't no one else to wash them but me now.

I just feel guilty when I do this and I have been doing it for a few days now which makes me feel worse.


ChurchPunkMom said...

i do the SAME thing.. i swear, if i spent as mush time and effort on the 'real' messes as i do on the piddly random stuff, my house would be MUCH neater!

Patricia said...

goodness girl! I've done this for years! For me, it works, as soon as I drop the guilt. When the detail work is done, it makes it easier for me to do a 15 min. sweep of a room. Also, I feel good about it. I'll sit and gaze at my wonderfully purged and organized LLL cabnet, surrounded by musical instruments and wooden play food. ;) Subconciously, I feel like I am making little shrines about my home, that won't disintegrate in 10 sec. flat.

Amy said...

Thank you for not making me feel guilty about. Well my bedroom looks beautiful. I am gonna take pics and post them tomorrow.

Dave said...

This is what's called being a Clean Messie. You clean what feels good to you. The sink will be full of dishes, but the oven rack will be spotless.