Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dog slippers for a dog

Yesterday evening after having a good case of cabin fever set in I decided we needed to get out of the house and ice cream sounded like as good a reason as any. So we piled in the van and set forth on a cruise to get some. I decided that we should go to the DQ in Ocean View. It's a ways from the house but a nice drive. Audy decided on the way that she wanted something to eat more than just ice cream. So we got hot dogs, chips and our free kid cones. When we do fast food we go through the drive thru and eat in the van I can't chase kids around a fast food joint. I am just not going there. With my spirited brood it turns crazy fast.

So I get parked in my chosen spot. Hop out and jump in the back with the kiddos and dole out the food. Kids of course getting there kid cones first. Cause this is an ice cream trip, so no "real food" first. As we are eating a lady walking a schnauzer in a camo shirt stroll by. Audy then informs me that "that dog is wearing a dress". Ummm... explanation Audy has recently decided that all shirts, dresses, clothing items worn on the torso are dresses. Ok moving on, I then say, "Hey Ellie wears dresses do you think we should get one for her for Christmas?" Ellie is my sister-in-law Leah's adorable teacup poodle chihuahua mix puppy. "No she needs puppy slippers" Background, Last year for Christmas Leah found Audy slippers that look just like Ellie. "That would be funny Audy. But what if we made Ellie Audy slippers?" She balked she didn't really like that idea.

Then we finished eating and jammed out all the way home to For The Kids Three. I am a sucker for a good song about poop. And when done by one of my favorite duos what could be better. Me (pronounced Mae) sent that and this for our impending road trip. I think this is going on my must get list now.

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