Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Ramble

OK so I want to post and i am gonna do a stream of consciousness kind thing. I am NOT sorry if that kind of thing bothers you or if you may be offended by anything I may say. I feel no need to apologize.

I really want to do something crafty, but my current lack of husband makes that slightly more difficult. With no one around to play with the kids while I work I get a bit tense. I have several things to start working on for Christmas. I also have a few charity projects I want to work on. I also have a quite dirty house. I have no motivation to clean. Although it does need to get done tomorrow since i have a babysitter coming while I go to a movie. Yes I am going out by myself for the first time since dave left well i shouldnt say by myself Cassidy is coming with me but at this point in my mothering carrer going out with a little baby is nothing. Its like she is just part of me. I will be so happy when my hubby gets home. It is still a long time off but am still excited about it. I sent him a box today I was really excited bout it. Hope he enjoys it. Hope he sees whats in the book there is a special gift in there.

Well my kids are climbing all over me I am outtta here. This was fun.

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