Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow I crafted.

Ok so I made the extra effort tonight to get the kids to bed at a decent hour so I could have some time to myself to sew. And this is what I made an apron for someone special on my Christmas List. I don't think they read this blog but just to be safe I won't say who.
They had better appericate it too cause I got my finger creamed by the sewing machine in the process. I am sure that only happened cause I wasn't paying close enough attention. Seeing as I had a bit of a stressful day taking kiddos to the ER because the decided that Reese's Pinworm Medicne would be a good snack. Then fining out it wasn't a big deal. Well it could have been but it wasn't. Glad I didn't have to go back to the ER for myself. This was our first ER trip for injury or stupidity. Yes I just called my kids stupid. But they are sooooooo far from stupid. Stupid kids don't figure out how to move a chair half way across the house quietly enough that Mom doesn't hear what's going on and proceed to scale said chair and get on kitchen counter open dish cabinet and find the one random medicene that isn't with the other medicenes in the bathroom closet that is hard for mom to open. No olny smart kids do stuff like that. And they happen to be 2 years old and named Amelie. Now the Master Mischeife Maker at the Spritely Household.
Ok back to happy crafty thoughts I found this cute fabric in a bag of random fanric that I got at the thrift store awhile back. Yes, that is a Rizt cracker. It's all I could find to show the size at that moment. And then I thought it was funny. Anyway, I am going to make some napkins and if its soft enough after I wash it I'll make some hankies out of it as well.

So anyway, heres to a better day tomorrow.


ChurchPunkMom said...

KJ likes your cracker.. ;)

and I agree.. not stupid kids, just smart kids who do stupid things.. lol ;)

I got me some of those too. :P

Dana said...

So cute!

And, your right! The Ritz cracker is funny.